How to send curriculum vitae

You’ve seen an offer that you love and where you fit in 100%. You eagerly personalize your resume, write a good cover letter and get ready to send your application by email. Then you often think: how do I write to make sure the resume gets where it needs to go? How do I get the recruiter’s attention?

When looking for a job, one of the most frequent tasks is to send your resume by email, either by responding to a job offer or by self-candidating.
Although it may not seem so, it is important to facilitate the task of receiving and classifying our curriculum vitae to the receiver of it. Today I am going to talk to you about how to write the email to send the resume.

How to write the email to send the resume step by step:

1. – Greeting.
2. – Introduction and reference to the position.
3. – Show interest in the position and the company.
4. – Make a call to action and show your willingness to hold an interview.
5. – Farewell and signature.
6. – Attach cover letter and resume.

Send the resume from the email address listed on the resume.
It is best to send the resume from the email address on the resume, as there are times when the recruiter needs to locate the emails received or sent to a candidate to retrieve some information, see the date it was received and its validity, or print that you have been informed about the RGPD (General Data Protection Regulation), for example.

Use an email account with a neutral or formal name.
What you have to take into account is the name of the email account. If the one you use on a personal level has a very informal or funny name, it would be advisable to open an account with a more neutral or formal name for your job search. Keep in mind that you are already influencing their first impression of you.

Send it in the most common format.
The general recommendation is to always send the resume in PDF, as it is one of the most widespread formats on the Internet for the exchange of documents. It is multiplatform, that is to say, it can be presented by the main systems without modifying either the appearance or the structure of the original document. There are free programs that you can download, or websites, where you can convert your resume to PDF.

Specify correctly the subject and content of the e-mail.
If you send the curriculum vitae to a job offer, indicate in the subject of the e-mail at least «the number or reference of the offer» and the «position applied for», and if you consider it «your name and surname».
If you send the curriculum vitae on your own making self-candidature the subject of the e-mail is more open and depends on the style of writing of each one. In any case it is convenient to make reference to the fact that you are sending the curriculum vitae or that you are looking for a job, being able to specify or not a concrete position.
Regarding the body of the message we recommend you to read the article published on cover letters and follow the same guidelines.
Sending a curriculum vitae by e-mail is a relatively simple task that is not usually given importance. However it is, since the way it is done together with the content of the resume itself, offer the first impression they will have of us, which may determine whether there is a second or not.